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"Tiburon Subsea Services" DBA of Research Vessel Tiburon, Inc.
Tim Taylor - President RV Tiburon, Inc DBATiburon Subsea Services
RB Havens - Technical Operations and Logistics
Tim Taylor is an accomplished ocean explorer, adventurer and naturalist. He has been diving throughout the world for over 30 years. He is President of RV Tiburon Inc., an ocean research, exploration and expedition corporation specializing in ROV's, AUVs, rebreathers and underwater imagery. Tim works with innovative diving technology and operations, and has a reputation for discovering unknown locations and sharing them with the scientific community and the general public. He has discovered and explored numerous reefs, including Sherwood Forest Reef, considered the centerpiece of the Tortugas Ecological Reserve, Pulley Ridge, the deepest hermatipic coral reef in the world and Black Forest Run, the largest black coral tract in the United States. His most resent accomplishment is the discovery and documentation of the WWI submarine USS R-12 that was lost in WWII in 600 feet of water entombing 42 sailors. Inducted as a Fellow in the Explorers Club, in 2008 he was awarded the clubs prestigious Citation of Merit in recognition of his explorations. 

RB Havens has 25 years of engineering experience in marine and industrial environments ranging from manufacturing machinery and control systems to state of the art marine robotics.

With a resume that includes Maintenance/Physical Plant Manager of a waste to energy power plant, RB has a diverse background that has allowed him to become proficient in multiple engineering disciplines including steam generated power systems, hydraulic controls, marine and industrial electrical power generation and distribution systems, ship propulsion systems, ship navigation systems, ship satellite systems and fully integrated computer control systems.
Over the last three years RB has logged thousands of hours as the Lead Operator/Maintenance Technician for a benthic mapping project utilizing a Bluefin 12D AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). The 1,500m rated INS (Inertial Navigation System) equipped 12D carried duel frequency side scan sonar and photo mapping payloads operating at an average depth of 1,200m.
An active diver with over 15 years experience, RB holds several advanced technical certifications including, Closed Circuit Rebreather, Full Cave Diver, Advanced Gas Blender and Dive Master.

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Dave White -  ROV Pilot/Technician

Dave has been with RV Tiburon Inc. for almost two years as an AUV/ROV pilot and technician. Working in the IT industry for more than fifteen years, he has excellent technical skills and was responsible for the design of our Spectre ROV control network. Dave has logged more than 1,000 hours dive time with AUV/ROV systems as both pilot and maintenance technician. 

RV Tiburon Inc.  has a staff of close to twenty personel fully trained in a wide range of equipment and procedures.   Our team spend hundreds of hour training and working together, from vessel and equipment operation and overhaul to deep mixed gas rebreather diving and underwater film expertise. These skills prove invaluable on the high seas.