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"Tiburon Subsea Services" DBA of Research Vessel Tiburon, Inc.
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RV Tiburon's Spectre is an electric light work class vehicle equipped with precision tracking system, optically corrected color HD video camera, color laser video measuring system, multi-beam imaging sonar and five axis hydraulic manipulator. Optional payloads include Conductivity/Temperature/Depth sensor and sample collection. Scanning sonar, sub-bottom profile sonar and other custom sensor packages and tools can also be integrated if desired.

Combined with a compact and light weight Launch and Recovery System (LARS), our Spectre’s low power consumption, excellent optics and sensors make it an ideal vehicle for marine research and or light work that can be deployed from our boat or any platform.

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Spectre ROV Specification Sheet

Named after the inventor Otis Barton of the Bathysphere: Learn more