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"Tiburon Subsea Services" DBA of Research Vessel Tiburon, Inc.
RV Tiburon Inc. founded by Timothy F. Taylor  has evolved into a marine research and exploration service provider.  Based in Key West Florida,  and now doing business as (DBA) Tiburon Subsea Services the company specializes in operational and logistical support for ROV/AUV operations, marine research, coastal zone management and underwater film and photography projects.

Starting out as a vessel support charter business, over the eighteen years RV Tiburon Inc. has evolved into marine research, expedition and underwater film support platform. Our staff consists of individuals with varied backgrounds that all share one common quality, our love of the ocean. Aside from their individual technical abilities, our team members are a mix of divers, technical divers, USCG certified captains and ex military dive personnel.

Today, RV Tiburon Inc. has an established reputation as an independent research vessel employing state-of-the-art technologies for tailored, specialized solutions that meet the needs of our clients. 

RV Tiburon has logged thousands of dive hours as an open ocean AUV platform for the Bluefin Robotics 12D. Equipped with an onboard USBL position updated inertial navigation system, dual frequency sonar and camera payloads. Our technicians have a firm understanding of what it takes to keep complex systems up and running in a marine environment.

Our 600m rated DOER Marine Spectre ROV was selected specifically to fill the niche between inspection class and full working class ROVs. Designed for the scientific and marine research market, our Spectre can be equipped with our Sea Mantis 5 (five axis hydraulic manipulator), Pacific Insite Mini Zeus color 4K High Definition camera, Tritech Typhoon color laser camera with video measuring system, Tritech Gemini mulitibeam sonar, sample-taking-payloads as well as other sonar and sensor gear. Our Spectre has the versatility to perform well in different project applications including scientific study, survey, search and recovery, inspection and sampling.

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